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SEO is the science of manipulating Google and other search engine algorithms to get a given web site to appear higher in the search engine results for very targeted key words or key phrases.

Expert SEO Optimisation

Over a decade ago, this was relatively simple as the algorithms were not that complex and there were not as many people competing for search engine rankings. However, the amount of competition has increased massively in recent years, and Google has been making frequent and highly disruptive changes to their algorithms.

For effective SEO in 2014 and beyond, one of the most crucial aspects will be your keyword research. Google recently got rid of their keyword tool replaced it with a new Keyword Planner integrated into Adwords accounts. Many people are still learning to navigate it. However, most people who have used the tool can tell you that the it is not particularly accurate. Searches are routinely grossly overestimated or underestimated, especially for low volume searches. The increasing use of rank tracking queries by SEO companies probably is not helping in ascertaining how many real searches there are for terms either.

There are other tools, however,  that are very expensive that are based on scraping the natural occurrence of words all over the internet to get a sense of the natural frequencies of words, and more importantly their co-occurrence. The latter will likely be especially important in devising web site content as the Google algorithm will probably be making increasing use of such data going forward. This can make your content look more natural, and thus more highly esteemed in Google’s eyes.

Targeting the right keywords for a lead generation or marketing campaign is more important than ever as well. There is an increasing amount of competition in high volume general searches. However, many longer tail search terms have very little search volume. More importantly, the long tail search terms typically convert to buyers much better because the user is much more focused. By identifying the right terms, you will likely get more bang for your SEO efforts.

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SEO Is Getting More Difficult!

Off Page SEO

Methods of linking are probably what has changed the most in the last year. Years ago people could over-optimise their anchor text for keywords that they wanted to rank for without any problem. After the Google Penguin update in 2012 and the Penguin 2.0 update in 2013, Google is mercilessly penalising web sites for over optimisation.

Google’s Panda 4.0 algorithm update was released on May 22 2014. The update was mostly about removing sites with “thin” or poor quality content from appearing too high in the search engines. If your site suffered a traffic loss, you need to really look at the websites of your competitors, those now at the top of the first page of Google and work out what they are doing better than you. Panda also looked at over-optimisation, especially in terms of page extensions, title and description tags and the anchor text of your links.

Over the next few years it is going to be increasingly important for your anchor texts to look natural. Do you know how to check your SEO optimisation? We have SEO packages that can get you from where you are now (low visitor traffic) onto the first page of Google with search engine optimisation strategies and lead generation campaigns designed specially for your company.

Penguin 3.0 Is Lurking Around The Next Corner

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Your On Page SEO Needs To Be Spot On

If you are going to attempt to increase your website visibility by building or acquiring backlinks in the future you had better be very, very careful indeed. Far better by far would be that you improved your website by adding unique and interesting content to your website — article, images, videos, charts, graphs. Do not cut a paste content from other sources! One you will be punished by Google and two, you may be sued for using such content.

SEO has definitely gotten a lot tougher over the past year. Therein lies a great opportunity for those with the patience and skills to adjust to a changing environment. With change comes opportunity as lazy SEO becomes less and less tenable as we go forward over the next decade.

What About Social Media?

What Impact Will That Have For My Business?

The incorporation of social signals into ranking algorithms will probably be much more important in the years to come. If you do not have a Google Plus or Facebook account posting links actively in an attempt to generate social network interactivity, chances are your website rankings will suffer. There are a variety of good tools to accomplish much of this on autopilot such as HootSuite however better by far is to enlist someone on your team who is passionate about social media to post your stuff i.e. your specials, offers, sales etc, and interact with customers and deal with any negativity.

There are hundreds of social media platforms today and discovering which ones will benefit your business the most can be very frustrating. We’ve all been told that businesses are making great wads of money from Facebook. But how do they do it? How much time and effort go into it? There’s no doubt that Facebook is a fantastic platform but it’s not for everyone that for sure.

Is Social Media Right For You?

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Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords is a powerful SEO tool, that used wisely and correctly, can generate highly targeted leads for your business. You have to know exactly what you are doing however, or Google will vacuum all the cash out of your wallet. In fact, Google Adwords could be the fastest way to bankrupt your business if you don’t know what you are doing.

An adwords management expert can navigate the trick waters Google’s most complex tool and potentially bring you all the leads you need to make your business the raging success it deserves to be.

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