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Streamshare Digital Marketing Was Founded By Andrew And Trish

Riedel In 2009 To Assist Businesses Generate New Customers

Using A Broad Range Of Online Marketing

And Conversion Strategies


Andrew and Trish Riedel SEO Experts

Andrew And Trish Riedel – Streamshare

We have been in business in Australia for 25 years.  From hospitality to franchising to direct sales, we have done it all.  In 2009 Trish was working as a business consultant and Andrew was in direct sales.

Trish found that the biggest problem that all of her clients had was they lacked effective marketing and lead generation strategies.  They especially lacked an online presence that converted into sales.  She asked Andrew to use his, at the time, formative online talents to help with the consulting clients.  Our web marketing business was formed from there and the rest, as they say is history.

Both Andrew and Trish use their marketing and sales expertise to assist clients to grow their business.  Andrew focuses on getting your website ranked and Trish specialises in building websites that showcase your brand, and both rank and convert.

Streamshare has a highly trained long term team who assist with the development and implementation of projects.  However, as one of our clients you will only be dealing directly with us.  We believe that we can only do the very best for your business by understanding it thoroughly.


Getting Your Business Online So That It Attracts Targeted Traffic Can

Mean The Difference Between Being Forced To Close Your Doors And

Prospering At Levels You’ve Never Dreamed Of Before


If you’re sick and tired of struggling and sick and tired of so called “SEO experts” beating down your door to get your business, then listen up.

How does it make any sense for an SEO expert to be scraping email addresses and telemarketing? What this tells me is that they have not gone to the trouble of designing and developing a website that brings customers to them. It tells me that even if they have built their own website it is not generating targeted traffic, leads and new customers.

Think about it for a moment. How did you get to this page? You searched on Google, looked at the top results that were delivered and clicked on our link. Then you had a look at this “about” page to see whom you would be dealing with.

We Never Go Out To The Market Place To Find Our Clients


All Of Our Clients Found Us Either Via On-Line Search

Or From A Recommendation


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Attracting Targeted Traffic Is So Much Easier

If you’re sick of going to BNI meetings, trying to hire telemarketers and sales people who can’t sell your products and services, then isn’t it time you set aside a budget for your online marketing?

Remember the yellow pages? You had an ad in there every year didn’t you! And I bet you spent up big and made sure you hit every deadline to get that done every year. We called that “yellow pages for life”.


Now the yellow pages book is a pale version of its former self and that business is now on-line along with everyone else.

Do You Have An Online Marketing Plan?

What’s your “online marketing for life” plan? Chances are you don’t have one yet. Isn’t it time you sat down with your team and decided what you need to do and what you need to spend to be successful on-line?

And when you do come up with a plan, give us call. Why because we get results.

Google makes about 500 updates to its algorithm every year and 2 or 3 of these are major changes to the way search works.

The major updates are what cause just about every web master and SEO to go into a tailspin. Not us!

Right now ranking on Google is very simple. Now I don’t mean to imply that it’s easy. Just simple. We know the formula, the secret sauce if you like that very few are aware of. There are certain actions that need to be taken and we can rank your website for just about anything you like.

Even the hardest keywords in the world can be ranked in time with the right strategies and a big enough budget.

Whether you run a local business or you own a national organisation you need to be in front of your potential clients at the time they need you.

We know how to get your business to the top of Google and we know what happens when you do hit number one. The phone rings and you make sales. That’s the impact of on-line marketing (SEO) techniques. How many extra calls/leads/sales do you need to get to have a significant impact on your bottom line?

Isn’t It Time To Take Action?

The only thing I can’t understand right now is why are you still reading this? Get on the phone right now. Give us a call and together we’ll come up with a plan to dominate your industry on-line.


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