Transparent SSL & HTTPS [Why You Should Care]

Google To Require Transparent SSL Certificates Starting October 2017

Over the years, Google has placed increasing emphasis on providing the best user experience. This goal is evident in their search algorithm updates including Mobilegeddon and the mobile-first index. What webmasters should realize, however, is that improving user experience doesn’t only entail making websites beautiful, mobile-friendly, and fast. The security and privacy of visitors must also Read more »

How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is absolutely a must if you’re looking to market any modern business. Even if you’re running a restaurant or local service for just your community, you will still need social media marketing to make the most money and to gain the most customers over the long run.

But how do you capture the power of this kind of marketing?

We take a look below.

Make Read more »

4 Content Marketing Myths

Many business owners spend a great deal of time worrying about content. They feel that creating consistent and engaging content for marketing purposes is practically impossible. They look at this as a genuine hurdle to overcome, and for many it is. On the flip side, some business owners think it’s going to be simple to create content and they are often dead wrong.

Getting the right content out Read more »

How To Get Customers To Take Action: The 3 Second Rule

the 3 second rule for websites "above the fold"

Making a good first impression occurs within three to five seconds at most. This statement is true of everything from initial opinions of someone you just met and also with websites. Internet users have remarkably high levels of impatience and ruthlessness regarding sites that do not deliver their expectations. Within a couple of seconds, just like the action of inhaling and exhaling, these visitors decide whether a specific Read more »

Google Fights To Win Back Search Engine Share From Yahoo

Mozilla made a decision in November 2014 that had a real effect on Google search engine share. They chose to make Yahoo their default search engine in Firefox. It took some time for Google to digest this news, but they are now finally starting to fight back to try and win the search engine share that they previously lost. SEO Gold Coast wrote about the deal Read more »

Is Matt Cutts Leaving Google for Good?

Speculation continues about the whereabouts of the head of the Google web spam team… Matt Cutts. As of July 2014, the lead spam fighter at Google had decided to take an extended vacation from his regular responsibilities at the company.

The head of search spam at Google announced that he was going on leave until October 2014. Guess what? It is now the beginning of January in Read more »

The Benefits of Using the Internet to Market Your Business

Company owners keep hearing about how great the Internet is and how it’s revolutionising the business world by taking it to a whole new level. And as the owner of a company, you have to wonder how you can experience these great benefits too. Or maybe you’re more of a skeptical type and wonder exactly how the Internet can help your company.

As long-term Internet marketers helping companies Read more »

Grow Your Business Using Facebook Ads

Getting your business on social media is an incredibly powerful way to grow your presence in the online marketplace. More and more businesses are turning to social media websites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more importantly as the focus of our article today, Facebook. These business owners are using these powerful platforms to grow their customer base by leaps and bounds.

But many business owners only Read more »