Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

If you are like many business owners, you’ve been ignoring the power of social media for far too long. You need to begin using these platforms in order to grow your business, bring more customers into the fold and experience greater success. As you’ve probably realised by now, the Internet is not going anywhere. And more importantly, social media is going to continue to Read more »

Mobile Friendly: Responsive Website Design


Responsive Websites For Online Businesses Are Now Essential Does Your Website Display Properly, Function Correctly And Make It Easy For Users Of Mobile Phones?


While desktops and laptops have long been the electronic device of choice for connecting to the Internet, these devices were surpassed by mobile Internet use in 2013. Now, well over 60 percent of all Internet users connect to websites using their smart Read more »

Is Matt Cutts Leaving Google for Good?

Speculation continues about the whereabouts of the head of the Google web spam team… Matt Cutts. As of July 2014, the lead spam fighter at Google had decided to take an extended vacation from his regular responsibilities at the company.

The head of search spam at Google announced that he was going on leave until October 2014. Guess what? It is now the beginning of January in Read more »