What Is Facebook Retargeting And How It Can Triple Your Sale Conversions?

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Is Facebook Retargeting similar to a Google Adwords remarketing campaign?

No way - it's a totally different beast!

With Google Adwords you need to be running an actual Google advertising campaign and then you can re-market to those who click on your ad. Just in case you aren’t aware it is essential that you have a remarketing campaign as part of your Google advertising.

Read on for a little more detail…

What Is A Retargeting Campaign?

Just in case you have never heard of a remarketing campaign I will give you a brief explanation.  Say you are on Google looking for a product i.e. new blinds for your house.  You look at a couple of options but don’t really make a decision.  Then suddenly these blind companies pop up in your searches wherever you go on Google.

If you have ever wondered how the companies follow you around, it’s because that company had a remarketing campaign.

Why Would I Set-up A Re-Marketing Campaign?

a female holding a smart phone with Facebook on the screenWithout going into a lot of detail on sales conversions strategies and numbers, the simple answer is that a lot of customers don’t actually buy on the first touch.

A touch is a connection, i.e. the first time they come to your website.

Often when you are searching for a product you look at various websites and you go from site to site and don’t remember what you saw or where you saw it.

I am sure this rings a bell.

You might also run out of time and don’t make a decision.

There are lots of reasons you don’t buy at the first touch.

Remarketing allows you to advertise directly to those customers who have been to your website and increase the number of touches.

Research shows that it can take up to 7 touches to get a sales conversion. So you can see the remarkable power of a remarketing campaign and how it assists dramatically with conversions.

So How Is Facebook Remarketing Different And Even More Powerful?

Facebook is much more interesting and can be even more powerful.   You don’t have to have a Facebook advertising campaign to create a remarketing campaign.  What we do instead is add a clever little Facebook tracking pixel (code for the non-techie) to your website.

Facebook then knows who is visiting your website and you can set up a remarketing campaign to talk to those people. So they are very warm lead options...

These people may have

  • checked out your website and got distracted
  • gone to a competitors site, but still not bought
  • not understood something about your product
  • got blocked at the shopping cart or your quote form
  • there are a lot of reasons why they left your website and didn’t contact you that don’t necessarily mean they don’t want to buy from you.

With a remarketing campaign you can design an advertisement specifically for people that have left your site that may convince them to contact you.  Perhaps you offer them one of the following:

  • More information on your product
  • A special offer you are running for the month
  • A special offer for those who left and didn’t buy or give you a ring
  • Links to testimonials from happy customers
  • A story around your great work

We Specialise In Facebook Remarketing Campaigns

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Creating Audiences With Facebook Remarketing

So the next part of the good news is that you can create an actual audience in Facebook using the tracking information on your website.  Once we create an audience you can create adverts that speak directly to that audience.

Some of the audiences you can create are:

  • People who have landed on a specific sales page on your website
  • People who have landed on the home page
  • People who clicked on your Quote Page but didn’t fill in the form
  • Everyone who came to any page on your website

And for each of those options above you can further extend your reach and create Audiences for the following:

  • Friends and Family of people who have been to your website
  • People who have the same interests as people who arrived on your website
  • People who live in the same location
  • Only Female friends or Male friends
  • And on and on…

So How Does Facebook Remarketing Triple Your Conversions?a woman working on a laptop on her knee

The power of a Facebook re-marketing campaign is that you are directly targeting people who already know about your business. They are super warm leads They found you online, checked out your website and looked at your products.  We have already explained it can take up to 7 “touches” to get a conversion...

Remarketing increases those “touches”.

And… not only can you market to these warm leads you can market to their friends or people with the same interests and, if you are a local business, people who are in your target geographic location.

This has got to be the cheapest most targeted advertising you can do.

We Specialise In Facebook Remarketing Campaigns

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