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Knowing what Google wants these days is both an art and a science.  Business owners can no longer rescue their websites from a Google penalty.  If your rankings and or your traffic have dried up then that’s what is more than likely the reason. You may have fallen foul of a Panda, Penguin, Pigeon or some other Google animal, otherwise known as an algorithm change.

The amount of information and expensive tools you need to sort out exactly what has happened and what needs to be changed is just too big a job for someone who isn’t knee deep in Google analysis day in and day out.


What You Need Is A Google Penalty Recovery Specialist

To Get Your Business Back On Track

The Art and Science of Google

Not Only Are Streamshare Google Penalty Recovery Experts

We Create Websites And Implement SEO Strategies

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In The Last Update, Not One Of Our Clients Or Our Websites Took A Hit

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Panda And Penguin SEO Strategies

Not sure of what these cute little animals mean from a search engine optimisation view point?

Penguin is usually a problem with your linking strategies and anchor text ratios

Panda is normally more about your on page optimisation or rather over optimisation, page load speed, bad coding, how your website is designed etc

I know these are 2 very short sentences to explain the world of pain you are in now if you have received a penalty.  However, every panda or penguin update creates winners and losers in the SERPs and the longer you leave it the longer your business will struggle to make an impact online and you’ll struggle to generate new leads via online search.

Implementing Panda and Penguin SEO strategies can be time consuming and complex.  We will do a complete review of your website and rankings and provide you with a full plan of what needs to be done to get your business back at the top.

What Is Panda And Penguin SEO And How Do We Use This As A Preventative Tactic

panda and penguin tactics

Panda And Penguin Preventative Tactic

It is far better to have your website and SEO strategies set up from day one so that you won’t have to suffer the lose of income associated with loosing your rankings.  The way we do this is to address everything that Google is looking for and ensure your business is Panda and Penguin proofed.


  • design websites so that the actual architecture is what Google is looking for
  • ensure no URL’s are over optimised
  • ensure your content is not keyword stuffed – these days it doesn’t take many keywords on a page to get an over optimisation penalty
  • ensure your meta data is not over optimised
  • we don’t use any automated back-linking strategies or software to your precious money site
  • understand and constantly measure your anchor text percentages to ensure you are safe (anchor text is the words that sit within a link either on your website or links to your website)
  • and the list goes on…


Talk To Your Current SEO Company And Ask Them What They Are Doing


Ask Them “What Are You Doing To Prevent Me

From Being Hit By A Penalty”


If You Don’t Like The Answers Or You Just Don’t

Understand What They Are Talking About


 Ring Us, We Can Look Behind The Scenes

And Tell You What They Are Doing

We Have Our Ways And Means….


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Why has my site been hit with a Google penalty?

  • Over optimisation of content
  • Over optimisation of Titles/H1/Descriptions
  • Keyword density
  • Toxic links
  • Anchor text percentages
  • Duplicate content
  • No/Poor content
  • Poor user experience
  • Broken links/page not found

How can I recover from a Google penalty?

  • Rewrite your content
  • Create new content
  • Clean up your links
  • Fix all your site errors
  • Improve the user experience

You’ve been slowly choking your site to death with too many links, the wrong type of links, poor quality links and you didn’t even realise what you were doing! Perhaps you’ve tried to promote your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs) on the cheap and used an overseas company? That’s pretty much a recipe for disaster these days. The Google algorithm is far too sophisticated and it takes so much time, money and energy to keep abreast of all the changes that are being made that it’s extremely unlikely that anyone offering cheap SEO services has the resources to keep pace. Panda 4.0 and the Page Layout algorithm changes came out in May 2014 and then Pigeon in July 2014 (affecting local search) have really stirred things up.

As part of the recovery process Streamshare offers a Link Clean Up Service. If your website traffic has suddenly dropped and your revenue is drying up you’ll do whatever it takes to clean up your site and get your traffic and your revenues back to where they were.

So don’t keep asking yourself, “how do I recover from a Google penalty?” just take action today…

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