Lead Generation Strategies For Australian Businesses

You found this page because you need help with increasing your customer data base. We use a number of lead generation strategies for businesses of all sizes.

If you have ever read a marketing book you will know that if a business wants to be successful it should have at least 10 different ways to attract new customers to their business.  In our conversations with businesses, especially small business they tend to rely on just one or two.  In the old days it was their Yellow Pages advertisement.

Now it is ranking number one in the search engines.

What do plastic surgeons, plumbers, chiropractors, lawyers, locksmiths and lasik eye surgeons have in common?

They all rely on a steady flow of new customers to remain viable and make profits.

What else do all these professionals have in common? They have invested years and large sums of money into attaining their qualifications and they have no interest whatsoever in gaining the online marketing skills they would need to generate leads for their businesses.

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Online Marketing

Marketing Plan

Online Marketing Plan

For most businesses marketing your business online is the most important marketing that you can do these days. The sheer weight of numbers makes it the winner.  More people find a product and service by going to the search engines than anywhere else.  They may then go to a traditional bricks and mortar business to make their purchase or get more information.  There is a lot more than just ranking in Google that you can do to add variety to your marketing plan.

You can incorporate:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media - both free and paid
  • Publishing articles/information on relevant websites
  • Video Marketing
  • Webinars, educating your customer
  • And the list is only limited by your imagination.


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Small Business Marketing

Business Marketing

Business Marketing Online

It is especially important for owners of small businesses to have a variety of lead generation strategies.   This group more than anyone else gets stuck with one marketing funnel.  They are busy, they are often wearing many hats in their business and just don't have the time to even think about adding marketing funnels to their plan.

They have no time to research the options or put a plan in place.  Even if you have the number one website on Google and the phone is ringing, it doesn't mean that your site might not crash with a nasty Google update.  Image if your phone stopped ringing overnight. 

There are lots of different lead generation strategies.  These days there are probably a lot of strategies that you haven't even heard of.  As the web develops it provides more and more opportunities to diversify your lead generation.  Only some strategies will be suitable for your business.

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Online Lead Generation

Most websites and blogs are not designed as effective tools to generate leads. Most are actually “anti-lead” generating sites.  Traditional websites tend to be filled with huge volumes of poorly written content, along with text and visual information focused on services, much like an old-fashioned brochure.

Or worse still, just a mass of "Calls to Action" without first informing the visitor why they would even bother to fill in the "opt in" form or give them a ring.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Online

Alternatively, a website designed specifically for lead generation is all about solving a problem. It is designed to quickly tell the visitor that they are in the right place.  It also tells them exactly what they need to do to get their solution in the shortest period possible.

When the online visitor recognises that the site contains answers to its questions, they are less likely to move on to somewhere else. Providing valuable information and content is important to a lead generating site that wants to get a potential customer to either fill in the form or pick up the phone.

In my industries, reliable statistics indicate that more than nine out of every 10 visitors on a website will not purchase anything, especially if it is their initial visit. Instead of attempting to sell product to them right away, successful marketers capture the lead as an alternative. It is just one of the effective methods for online lead generation, in an effort to gain a consumer’s trust and the ability to attempt to sell them something in the future.

Successful marketers are those that use proven, effective online lead generation tools for creating profitable sales online. Some of these tools include:

  • Capturing email addresses
  • Building and developing relationships using online communication
  • Providing lots of value before being asked to provide anything in return
  • Repeating the above steps
  • Selling great products or services


Conversion Tracking

One of our biggest disappointments with some of our clients is that they don't do any conversion tracking.  It can be as simple as asking the question:

Conversion Tracking

Let Them Find You

"How Did You Find Me"

They don't want to ask because they think it is an imposition on the potential customer and they also worry this person may not use them because they have asked. In our experience this is so not true.  People love to wax lyrical about how they found you.  We have heard some quite funny stories on how we were tracked down.

Of course, asking this question is just the basics.  There is a range of ways to track how well your marketing is working.  Businesses keep spending money on marketing and often never have any idea what is actually working.


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 Website Conversion Optimisation

Do you know what visitors do when they come to your website?  Would you like to know? That is what website conversion optimisation will tell you.

Web Optimization

Website Optimization

We have some amazing software that can track:

  • what a visitor does when they get to the website
  • what they look at
  • how long they stay in a section of your page
  • what they click on
  • if they have come from another page on your website
  • which search engine they came from
  • if they came from other websites
  • what keyword they entered
  • what videos they watched
  • how long they stayed on the page
  • what country they came from
  • whether they were new or returning visitors

If you know you are getting visitors to your website and they don't follow up on your "Call to Action" then you have a problem with the way your website is set up.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Many individuals that been highly successful with online lead generation utilise search engine optimisation to their advantage. This is because most online users utilise search engines to locate desired information using carefully chosen keywords and key phrases.

Understanding that people “Google” information is invaluable when designing a lead generating site filled with quality content, properly set up pages and well positioned "Calls to Action".

Successful search engine optimisation (SEO) requires routinely updating text and visual content on the site as a way to increase rankings in search engine query.

Online Social Media Networking

Social Media

Social Media Networking

Using social media networking sites as a business tool to generate leads has been a phenomenally successful tool for many marketers.

The best connections for generating leads online are:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

In particular, Facebook Retargeting is a powerful strategy that some businesses are employing.

These and other social sites provide provide an easy online connection between consumers and the company. They serve as a reference point for capturing the attention of potential customers with the products and services the company provides.

Warning: Social Media Lead Generation Is Not For Every Business


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Blog Sites


Blogging For Business

Many successful marketers have developed a strong lead generating machine using blogging sites for their business. It serves as an effective driver to generate leads by promoting services or products the company provides on their website. In addition, it provides the ideal open forum to communicate with potential and existing customers, accept feedback, comments and reviews and work as a tool for customer service.


Webinars are best described as an online version of a traditional seminar. In addition, they work as an ideal online lead generation tool to capture valuable information from every visitor. The online registration allows the marketer to collect a vast amount of basic information off every participant.

To be successful, the webinar must provide valuable content to the ideal targeted audience. While the webinar may not always produce immediate sales, it does provide an avenue for building trust with potential customers that desire or require the company’s services or products.

The leads any marketer acquired will only be as good as the site that is designed to capture them. Successful marketers design an effective landing page built specifically for capturing leads that is neither time-consuming nor overwhelming to the online visitor. In addition to increasing conversion rates on the company’s main site, it can also increase the level of trust and authority provided by the company.


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