Google Fights To Win Back Search Engine Share From Yahoo

Mozilla made a decision in November 2014 that had a real effect on Google search engine share. They chose to make Yahoo their default search engine in Firefox. It took some time for Google to digest this news, but they are now finally starting to fight back to try and win the search engine share that they previously lost. SEO Gold Coast wrote about the deal here;

Mozilla Firefox: Web Browser Of Choice For Many

Since Google lost out on being the default search engine in the Firefox browser, we have regularly checked to see if they would do anything in order to fight back against this perceived injustice. And they finally have, and they have finally done what we have expected.

Firefox users are now prompted to switch the default search engine from Yahoo back to Google. They finally started promoting this change to Firefox users near the end of January 2015.

When opening Google on the Firefox browser, a simple message appeared:
It said: “Get to Google faster. Make Google your default search engine” and offered two options… “Sure” and “No thanks”.
But that’s not the only message that Google is currently sharing with Firefox users. The other message that you’ll see more prominently is the one asking users to change their homepage. Google asks:
“Come here often? Make Google your homepage,” and the message also says “Sure” and “No thanks” as the two options to choose from.

It appears that this global message is popping up all over the place no matter which operating system you use. Windows 10 users are seeing the message as well as Windows 8.1 users. The message will even appear when using Google Translate.

Why Is Google Fighting so Hard to Have Users Make These Changes in Firefox?

It should be fairly obvious to people why Google is fighting so hard to have users make these changes. They have most definitely noticed the effects of this Firefox change since they’ve had a couple of months to digest what happened. And Google most likely is not happy with the results. They do not want to lose market share because Firefox chose to side with Yahoo as opposed to Google.
As you can imagine, any company would do whatever they can to keep what they have. Google is not stupid. They are trying to get users back to their search engine by default and sending out these little reminders is a great way to get users automatically back on the Google search page.

Full disclosure: Before sharing this information with you, I personally received this message from Google and added them as my homepage again and also switched over to Google as the default search engine. So the message is effective and it is definitely working on some level.

Google Takes to Twitter

Google wasn’t done with trying to convince users to switch back to them as the default search engine and homepage. They also took to Twitter in an effort to get users to make this change once again.

They sent out messages on Twitter that would lead people to the new page setup for Firefox users. On this page, users were instructed on how to make the changes.

Google Fighting Back Was an Inevitability That We Should Have All Been Prepared For

For some time now, rumors have been spreading all over the Internet that Google has been losing search engine share to Yahoo because of the Firefox deal. The effort that Google is making to convince users to switch back to Google as the default search engine and homepage only proves that the rumors are true.

Nobody should have expected anything differently from Google though. They want to regain what was theirs. They have to fight back in order to continue to be the most dominant search engine on the planet.

So, for anybody wondering, the Yahoo/Firefox deal has impacted Google’s search share. Even though the company hasn’t said so officially, their actions speak louder than words.

What actions will Google take when the Apple search deal expires in 2015? Watch this space…

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