How To Keep Customers Glued To Your Website

Internet marketing can be a frustrating experience at times to say the least. We spend hours of our lives creating high-quality content, only to find out that our readers barely skim through it. This is not what you signed up for, right?

In a perfect world, you’d love it if your customers would spend hours of their time on your blog or website. But we know that this just isn’t going to happen. You need to figure out ways to get them to come back for more. You need to figure out how to get your customers to spend minutes, not seconds, on your site every time you post new content.

Hitting The Target With Your Content

This is possible. We wouldn’t be writing this otherwise. So we’re going to share some of our best strategies to help improve time on site from your visitors.

Glued to Your Website Strategy #1: Questions & Responses

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners often make is they forget to question their readers at the end of their blog posts. I mean think about it… This is a very easy way to begin engaging with your readers and customers. It’s a way to encourage them to interact on your blog. And it’s an easy way to get them to start commenting on your posts.

Think about this as a way to get to know your customers. By asking questions, you’ll create interaction on your blog and this in turn will convince people to stay there longer.

Here’s another important thing to remember… When you begin asking questions and you begin getting readers to comment, they are going to start talking to you via the comments section. Do not ignore this interaction. Respond to the comments and let your readers know that you are there to answer every question and that you are willing to get to know these people on a personal level.
This is how you build a community through your blog. And it’s how you are going to turn readers into paying customers very easily. So create this interaction, ask questions, respond to comments and get active on your website. People like to follow leaders, so lead by example.

Glued to Your Website Strategy #2: Lend a Helping Hand

We have all heard the saying, “What goes around comes around.” But the majority of the time that we hear the saying it is presented in a negative context. But it doesn’t always have to be a negative.

Have you ever considered helping your readers? Once you begin gathering a lot more comments on your blog posts, people are going to ask you for help. So provide it! Get involved. Let your customers and readers know that you are willing to help.
As you begin interacting with your fan base more and more, people will also start to send you more emails. Some of these emails are going to be very personal. Other emails are going to ask you questions and ask for help.

With permission from the person emailing, use this interaction for further blog posts. If one of your readers needs help in a particular area, odds are that other readers are going to need the same help. It’s a great way to create more content and it’s a simple way to help more people with the same content instead of sending the same email over and over again 100 times.

Glued to Your Website Strategy #3: Write in a Conversational Tone

The main goal of a blog and website, at least from the perspective of a small business owner, is to convince people that your company can help meet their needs, wants and desires. Your company can provide products and services that will make their lives better.

Here’s the problem… Many business owners do not write with a conversational tone. They write as if they were writing answers in a textbook. This is not academia. You aren’t trying to impress your teachers. But you are trying to create a conversation with your potential customers! So write in a conversational tone and leave the stuffy writing for academic pursuits.

These strategies are perfect to keep readers glued to your website. Did you find this information helpful? Share some of the ways you keep readers coming back to your site in the comments below.

Did you find this post useful? How will you change what you’re doing as a result of what you’ve learned? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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  1. Pat says:

    Great post! Some fine actionable content you have here. Looking forward to giving it a try to see if I can boost engagement on my site. I’m particularly fond of the questions and responses tip. Can’t wait to implement that into my posts. Thanks for sharing!

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