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While desktops and laptops have long been the electronic device of choice for connecting to the Internet, these devices were surpassed by mobile Internet use in 2013. Now, well over 60 percent of all Internet users connect to websites using their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This sharp increase has signalled a significant shift in how Internet users are now consuming content online. Because of that, every business should develop the best strategies for quality mobile phone website design.

Research indicates that the vast majority of consumers now use their smart phones and tablets for nearly everything including:

  • gathering information
  • connecting to entertainment
  • reading news
  • shopping online,
  • making purchasing decisions
  • research, and finding resources on areas of interest in the community.
  • and the list goes on and on

This significant change in search behaviour means that every business must adopt a new approach to providing their information online.

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This shift in search behaviour is a result of individuals having access to the Internet on their smart phones – a device they carry with them everywhere. Businesses that have taken the approach of developing a mobile presence have seen a dramatic rise in the number of targeted visitors to their site, and an increase in their conversion rates.

Mobile Users Want Quick Access

Mobile Technology

Website visitors using mobile technology often look for quick access to information about a business, or the products they provide. Many want instant access to phone numbers, contact forms, hours of operation, directions, menu choices, coupons, pricing, or the best way to leave a message.

Unfortunately, most traditional webpages are specifically designed for a laptop or desktop, and simply do not work well when displaying the same information on a mobile device. Asking the online user to continually pinch and zoom as a way to gain access to your content dilutes the message, and creates frustration. Providing access to a mobile ready site allows the user to find answers quickly on a friendly and easy to navigate site.

Providing a well-structured mobile website provides easy access for the mobile audience to:

  • make restaurant reservations,
  • travel arrangements,
  • browsing for items,
  • comparison-shopping,
  • and other valuable information.

Companies that have jumped this hurdle before their competition have seen a significant gain in their market share of sales. Those that have lagged behind risk losing their customer base because they refuse to provide an easy to navigate mobile presence.

Maintaining a website using quality design that is fully responsive and geared directly towards mobile phone users is crucial to any business hoping to maintain a healthy presence online. It provides easy access to the customers that are eager to find information on their mobile devices.


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