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As business owners and webmasters, we all recognize the fact that our websites need to have a specific purpose in mind. When visitors come to our website, they need to complete specific goals intended by the site owner in order to get maximum use from your web presence.

As an example, let’s say you have created a website in order to bring cold search traffic into your sales funnel. You have plenty of great information about your industry on the website, and customers are happy to spend time reading over and watching your videos.

But as an added incentive, you have an email opt in form on your website that provides your customers what a free gift. This gift is very valuable to the people that are interested in your industry, and ultimately it’s a great way to bring new customers into the fold.

This is a high converting webpage using multiple calls to action.

When reading the information that we previously shared, what did you think? Does your website have an actual goal in mind? Or does it just share general information about your business and nothing more?

When designing a website as a business owner, you need to consider conversion optimisation as a main priority. Properly optimising a website during the web design process is exactly how you are going to bring more customers into your business through Internet marketing.

Why Focus on Web Design Conversion Optimisation?

Honestly, this needs to be a serious focus of every business looking to improve their presence on the web. Sure, sharing information about your company is great and it will definitely bring more exposure to your business. But without conversions in mind when creating your website, you’re ultimately going to waste a lot of this traffic. People that might have otherwise entered your sales funnel are going to walk away because they were not properly motivated to become a paying customer.

So, first of all, you have to work on your overall sales funnel. And once you have determined precisely what it is that your customers want, you can offer free gifts or other information to bring them into the fold.

By having this enticing gift, you can use it to build your mailing list and ultimately turn browsers into paying customers. But how you going to get these customers on to your list? That’s where web design conversion optimisation comes into the picture.

3 Things to Keep in Mind during the Web Design Process

When your website is being designed with conversion in mind, there are three specific things that need to seriously be considered throughout the entire process.

First off, is the thing that you are offering enticing? Motivation is crucial to successfully building your mailing list. Your customers need to be motivated and really want what you are offering in order to join your list and enter into your sales funnel. So keep the motivation in mind when designing the funnel and creating the gift or other enticement.

Second, is it easy for your customers to perform the desired behavior? Maybe you are hoping your customers will join your mailing list by entering their email address and name into an opt-in form. Or maybe you just want your customers to call you to place a direct order. Whatever the situation happens to be, please make sure that it is easy for your customers to perform the desired task. If the ability to do this is difficult, your customers are going to move on most of the time.

Lastly, does your website have a call to action? This is known as the trigger, and it’s incredibly important if you’re going to convince your potential customers to take the action that you desire. Whether it’s to make a purchase, fill out an email opt-in form or to call you or take a survey, it needs to have a strong call to action so that your customers know when it’s time for them to take the next step.

Each and every one of the things mentioned above need to be tied into the web design process. Even though some of the steps focus on persuasion, without a properly designed site your customers will not even know when it’s time to take the right action.

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