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Who Is Online Reputation Management For?

Individuals and businesses owners come to us for online reputation management when they have had one of the following happen to them;

  1. A bad online review has been written about them or their company on social media, in an online articles or even a government website, and this review shows up in search engine results when searching for their name or company name - and it doesn't matter if the review is accurate or completely bogus, the fact is it's there in a Google search. Sometimes a disgruntled customer, for one reason or another, will go online and write a bad review about your products and services. Maybe they legitimately had a bad experience and they want to tell the world about it. Or maybe they were just having a bad day and decided to write something negative even though it wasn’t true.
  2. A legal judgement against them appears in a newspaper report
  3. A professional body or a government agency such as ASIC has reported that they have breached some regulation or other.

Reputation ManagementThe Internet can either make or break your or your business.

Regardless of what happened to you to have you you reading this page, unless the negative result no longer appears on the first page of Google you are in trouble...

If you're an individual, a negative listing on Google could hurt your employment prospects.

If you're a business owner, your prospective customers will likely be searching online to see if they want to do business with you or not.

We all do it.

I like to eat out -- a lot! I always check online before I go anywhere new and I have to say it doesn't take much for me to decide NOT to go. Too many 1 star reviews and I'm searching for the next likely venue!

What is Online Reputation Management?

Simply put, online reputation management is removing the negative listing if possible.

If removing the listing is not possible and in nearly all cases this is true, we "bury" the listing on page 2 of Google - that's our first objective and then get it down to page 3 and beyond.

It's all about controlling the search results.

Is Online Reputation Management Really Necessary?
Could I Do This On My Own?

online-reputationLet me ask you this…

If your business dried up tomorrow, would you survive? Do you have enough of a nest egg to weather the storm?

Most business owners don’t.

If you find a negative review on Google, Facebook or elsewhere you need to respond. But you have to be professional and honest.

Never abuse the reviewer.

If the review is accurate, apologise but do it professionally. If the review is inaccurate, state your position clearly and articulately.

It's when a negative review finds it way onto the first page of Google that you're in trouble. We've had enquiries from businesses that have tried for 18 months to remove a negative review and failed. We can usually get rid of the negative result from the first page of Google using SEO tactics in 3 to 6 months.

There are just too many moving parts needed for you to be able to do it yourself. Leave the heavy lifting to us while you take care of business.

Is It Difficult to Repair a Tarnished Internet Reputation?

It all depends on how many results are returned on the first page of Google and on what websites they appear.

Some of the sites where negative reviews are found such as social media, newspaper articles, ripoff reports and government sites are highly authoritative in Google's eyes and rank for almost anything they write about.

A Note On What We Can Do (And What We Don't Do)

What We Do:

We bury negative first page results by creating positive content and mentions online thereby sending negative results to page 2 of Google and beyond.

What We Don't Do

We don't remove negative (one star) Google Reviews (Google My Business - GMB)
If  you have received a negative google review you should respond to it in a professional and positive way.


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