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Local Business OnlineMost people no longer use the Yellow Pages to find a local business. They will usually use one of the major search engines such as Google to find a nearby business. In the process they will inevitably try to find online reviews to see if others liked the experience with the company. If your business has a lot of negative internet reputation, then you are likely to lose a substantial amount of business. That is the reason you should consider hiring an online reputation manager.

Our reputation management services can help protect your online reputation against poor reviews that might push prospective customers away. There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished. The first is to assist you in prospectively collecting company reviews so that the few negative reviews will be overwhelmed by positive feedback. We can set things up so that while one collects reviews from nearly everyone, mainly the positive reviews show up online.

Reputation Management

Satisfied Customer Survey

There are a number of ways this can be accomplished. The first is one that uses special online software to preferentially forward customers to a public review site only if they give you a high rating. Otherwise, the comments only remain internal for your business to see. You also can have users fill out an in house survey, and we can selectively submit the positive reviews to review sites via a network of aged review accounts with unique IP addresses. This is completely ethical since these technically are real reviews by customers. Of course negative reviews would not be submitted, as you have no obligation to highlight negative reviews to the world.

Protecting your company reputation has never been more important. If you do not show positive feedback from previous visitors, your competitors who do are likely to have a big leg up on your. Let our reputation management services help you to get the stellar company reputation that you desire.



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