What Is The Semantic Web?

Semantic Web

It’s More Than Just SEO And It’s More Than Just Google.

It’s almost here, and it’s going to change everything! Yes, where talking about the semantic web. It’s the future of the Internet and it’s happening right now.

The semantic web is different. It’s new. It’s exciting. Some people are even calling it Web 3.0. It’s much more than search engine optimization and it is much more than just Google. It’s a way to look at your Internet profile on the whole, and figure out how your company fits into the grand scheme of things online.

That may seem a little vague. But it’s unintentional. Let’s do our best to clarify things for you right now. It’s a wild ride, and you’re in for a real treat.

Definition Of The Semantic Web

Ultimately, the semantic web is a way to organize the Internet by connecting it. If you want to succeed and establish a reputation online in the semantic web, you’ll need to connect on a deeper level.

The first person to envision this new Internet is a gentleman known by the name of Tim Berners-Lee. He called the Internet a web of highly structured data. That’s his version of the semantic web, and it’s true. Everything online is connected in one way or another.

What he believed was that people would voluntarily contribute by doing their part for the common good. He believed that people would take actions, share information and help the whole Internet prosper.
He was right to a degree, but things have not played out perfectly the way he envisioned it. There’s no question about it… Human interaction certainly exists online. But taking action for the common good is typically an afterthought.


The Semantic Web Is The Connected Internet

In a nutshell… The semantic web is the connected Internet. It’s putting out a piece of content (i.e. knowledge graph or blog post) on your blog and distributing it through multiple channels. It’s having that same piece of content shared over and over again through social media. It’s simple web navigation. Its silo architecture structured blogs. It’s having your content liked, shared, +1’d and distributed all across the Internet.

Now if you’re lucky, people would be happy to do this for you because they love your content and they want to see you succeed. In truth, this hardly ever happens. At least when it comes to local business.

If local businesses want to succeed on the semantic web, they need to take matters into their own hands. They need to hire a company that can put together a structure and system to distribute their content and grow their online network exponentially without much difficulty and without relying on Google.

Harnessing the Semantic Web Can Be Difficult for Business Owners

We understand that you already have a lot on your plate. We know that it’s difficult enough running your business and taking the necessary actions each day in order to succeed. We get it and we’d like to help.
In order to truly master the semantic web, you’ll need a large network of content. This will show the search engines and the web on the whole that you are the authority in your market. Because that’s what it’s all about.

You have to prove that you are the authority, and high search engine rankings and lots of free coveted traffic will soon follow.

Here’s what’s needed in order to conquer the semantic web…

  • High quality content distributed all throughout the Internet. It must provide tremendous value to the prospects in your market.
  • An easy to navigate blog and website. Your prospects and customers want a simple experience, and you must provide it.

    Social Media Interaction

    Social Media Interaction Is A Must

  • Social network interaction is a must. Social signals are growing more in importance as each day passes. If people are interacting with you through social media, it proves that you are an integral part of the web community.
  • Connecting all of your online activities. That’s the beauty of the semantic web. When you connect all of your online activities, it proves that you are a highly valued part and worthy of being an authority in your niche.
  • Having your content liked, shared and +1’d on social media.
  • A continuous flow of readable, likable, fresh content that your potential prospects and customers will enjoy.

As you can see, it’s getting harder to establish a presence online. And the semantic web will make it that much more difficult. But we can help, and we’d love to see you succeed.

Please call us if you’d like to chat about the upcoming changes and how to capitalize on the new direction of the Internet.


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