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Online MarketingSEO a.k.a. search engine optimization is the process of ranking websites higher on search engines such as Google. Without SEO you would not be able to rank your website on the search engines, thus will not be able to reap the monetary benefits associated with ranking a website. When a customer searches a specific string of words, which are referred to as a keyword, in the search box of a search engine, the highly optimized websites will rank on the first page of results. If your website is not optimized by way of using SEO, your website will not be visible to the customer, thereby losing a considerable amount of money for you. Proper SEO helps to make money by selling products and services through websites.

Search engines use a complex algorithm to rank websites higher. There are specific practices that need to be followed if you are to reap the benefits of effective search engine marketing. Most of the e-commerce site owners and online marketing pros follow effective seo practices in order to rank their websites on the first page of Google. Some of the most important SEO techniques are listed below.

1. Article Marketing – Forwarding articles to article directories and guest blogs are one of the best methods of SEO. The articles should be unique and engaging to reap the benefits of this method. This method is still effective in 2013 and 14 too.

2. Web 2.0 PropertiesSocial MediaCreating free blogs on Squidoo, Blogger and Hub pages is another effective method of getting highly targeted backlinks to your website. Linking to your website from these web 2.0 properties will help your website with more important link juice.

3. Social Media Sites – Promoting your website on popular social media sites is another highly effective technique of ranking your website higher on Google and other search engines.


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