Terms Of Trade


Unless agreed upon prior to commencement of the services provided in the Quote and subsequent Contract, payment for services is required in advance of providing the agreed service.  The client agrees to pay the total invoice cost by the “Due Date” as noted on the invoice. All invoices are due on the “due date” of the invoice and once that date has passed are deemed as “overdue”.

If Payment of an individual invoice is not made in full within the invoice terms of trade, we will commence actions to retrieve all outstanding amounts owed to Streamshare. Any costs incurred during the recovery process will be charged to the client and a further 10% admin fee on behalf of Streamshare will be charged every 7 days once the invoice has been in arrears for more than 14 days.


We are not registered for GST

Payment Options

Monthly/Weekly/Yearly payments made by either automated credit/debit card or via GoCardless direct debit system.
One off services:  Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, GoCardless Direct Debit.


Foreign Currency

We accept USD, EUR and GBP. Please contact us for our IBAN details and if required a conversion rate.  We accept all foreign currencies via Credit/Debit Cards and GoCardless