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There Is Way More To Website Design Than Just Making It Look Pretty


Your Website Needs To Firstly Rank In The Search Engines
And Then Convert Lookers Into Leads And Customers


The success of your business depends on many factors. One of the most critical factors is your website. You have a full 3 seconds to attract someone’s attention when they arrive on your site.

Web DesignOnce you have attracted their attention you have maybe, 30 seconds to engage them so that they either pick up the phone, fill in a form or simply read on. The average time on most websites according to Google Analytics is less than 3 minutes. Firstly your website needs to address the speed at which people come and go.  Your site can be the sexiest, most amazing looking website but if it doesn’t address key information in the first 3 seconds then it might as well be a blank page.

In The First 3 Seconds You Need To Answer These Critical Questions: 

  • Does your business provide/do what I am looking for
  • Will it do it for me
  • Will it do it in my area
  • If so how do I contact you

And only if you address these questions clearly and concisely will they look further at your website.  For most businesses, the website can be the ugliest looking website in the world, but if you answer these questions your phone will ring. However, the exceptions are businesses that rely on visuals or creativity, i.e. Photographers, landscapers etc, you do need fantastic imagery to sell your services

Don’t get me wrong, I know you want a branded, sexy, awesome looking website.  This is how the world perceives your business. A high quality website can make a good impression on site visitors and potential customers. It can showcase your organisation professional and in fact, it can showcase your business however you decide.  It can make small businesses look large; it can make large businesses look intimate and friendly.

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Small Business Web Design

Designing a successful website for a small business requires a wide range of skills that most graphic artists and website design companies just don’t have. They tend to be highly skilled in just one area.Small Business Website

The Things We Take Into Account When Building Websites Are:

  • Who is your ideal/target customer
  • Where do they hang out
  • What is the quickest process/sales funnel they will accept before they decided to contact you
    • Do they have an emergency and just need your phone number
    • Or are they looking for a photographer and want to look through 100 images in a photo gallery
  • What words on the page will answer their critical questions and get them to contact you
  • What Home Page Design/style is right for your industry
  • How best to structure your website so that it can be ranked in Google as quickly as possible.
  • The page extensions and titles you should use to bring highly targeted traffic to your site
  • The number of pages of content you need to get your site ranked fast
  • Using a platform (WordPress) that is structured correctly to pass W3C web requirements
  • Setting up the back end of the website to take every advantage available to enhance our search engine optimisation efforts
  • Creating a website that is safe and won’t be hacked


We Build Websites That Get Ranked In Google Quickly,

Get The Phone To Ring And Look Great

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eCommerce Website Design

If you plan to sell products on your website, we can set up your entire web store for you. E-commerce is exploding in popularity as more and more consumers turn to online shopping rather than going to their brick and mortar stores.

We can setup your product database and enable you to receive payment through credit card and/or PayPal securely. Our robust e-commerce solution showcases your products and provides your customers with a satisfying shopping experience.  We provide you with full training so that you or your staff can add or delete products, change prices or create product bundles whenever you wish.

Online Shopping

We Can Build An ECommerce Website For You Whether You Have

Just Half A Dozen Products Or Thousands


Our ECommerce websites are also built to rank well on Google whether you are looking for a local audience, a national audience or even a global audience.  As we understand the emergence of the Semantic Web, we can use this new information to really showcase your products across the search engines.

Having a background in project management and business consultancy we can also set up your shopping cart so that it is very simple, easy to navigate so that your customer goes right to the end, handing over their money. Too many shopping carts are complex and businesses lose customers before they ever give their credit card details. Don’t let that happen to you!

Mobile Web Design Or Responsive Web Design

More and more people are relying on their handheld devices to look up information, connect with their social networks, and other activities that they used to do on their desktop computers. If your website does not display well on mobile devices, you are not serving a big part of the Internet consumer community.

 Every Website We Have Built Since 2011 Has Been “Responsive”


ID-100193160Responsive simply means that your website resizes itself to display on the different devices.

The difference between the 2 options is that a website that is built specifically for a mobile phone will only display on a mobile device.  This means that you would be sending traffic to 2 different websites, which dilutes your authority in Googles eyes.  The more traffic to your site the more Google will view your website as important and consequently you will get better rankings.  Whereas a “Responsive” website is just one website that as discussed above resizes to fit the device it is being viewed on.

We make sure that your website displays attractively and effectively on the smaller screens so that your business prospects will have a great user experience. A greater user experience equals more leads.

Do not allow anyone to build you a website that is not responsive.  We have some clients who cleverly track their calls who get 80% of their calls from traffic that has come from mobile phones. We are experts in Web Design, businesses love our responsive sites.

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SEO Web Design

ID-100258845What if you know nothing about website design? You are an expert in your line of business, but not necessarily in how to put a website together. Creating a website takes design talent, technical expertise and an understanding of both what Google is looking for and conversion strategies.

Sure, there are tools out there that claim they can help you put together a website without any prior experience. Do you know enough to nail all of those components?  We have been studying on-page Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion strategies for a very long time.  We are also part of a couple of global mastermind groups who are constantly testing what drives traffic to a website and what gets someone to fill in a form or pick up the phone.

It Is Absolutely Pointless To Build A Website In The Current Climate That Is Not Fully Optimised To Rank Highly In The Search Engines.


The Difference Between Getting Your Website Ranked Using A Well Optimised Website As Opposed To A Website Built By A Graphic Designer Who Knows Nothing About Optimisation Could Be As Much As A Year.


A Hint:  If A Website Designer Says They Understand SEO,

Ask Them Where They Rank…


We have extensive experience in building websites for all types of businesses, from small business to larger companies. We will take your vision and your business goals and translate them into a website that will reflect the core of your company. We handle the design concept all the way to the day of the launch. And after that, we can provide you with ongoing website maintenance services if you so desires.

We have seen how the web has evolved over the years. Web technology is moving forward quickly, and it is quite different than it was five to ten years ago. Even if you already have a web presence as a small business, if your website is more than five years old, it is probably no longer effective in drawing in clients.

We can redesign your website to give it a fresh look and feel, and additional functionality in order to bring it up to current web standards. We can help you maximize your website’s potential in drawing in new customers and cultivating customer loyalty.

We go beyond just creating for you a great-looking website. We make sure that it is optimized for search engines. What good is a nice website if search engines cannot find it? We are very familiar with how search engines rank websites, and we apply effective search engine optimization techniques to give your website the best chances to rank at the top. This is more than just stuffing your website with keywords. In fact, that is actually discouraged and will work against you. We know the best tips and tricks that can boost your website rank and attract the customers that you want to bring in.

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WordPress Web Design

wordpressWe only build websites using the WordPress platform.  Our design team has extensive experience in designing websites using WordPress. This is the most robust and user-friendly platform in website design. It also is one of the platforms that adhere to W3C standards.  Google is more likely to rank websites that adhere to W3C standards because these standards ensure a great user experience.

These days you can create amazing looking websites that also function efficiently using the WordPress Platform

Once we design the website for you, we can show you how you can easily make content updates anytime you want. You will have more control over your content than ever before.

If You Want To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition,

Invest In A Well Structured Website


We Are Here To Help You Create The Sexiest Most Efficient Website

That Will Impress Your Customers And Bring You More Business


We Specialise In Generating Customers For Your Business

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