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We all live busy lives so “going to the shops” just to purchase something can be a right royal pain in the butt.  Especially if you are a full time worker who just never gets a chance to shop. Let’s face it even Coles and Woolworths provide a full online ordering and delivery service these days.

If You Are Selling A Product You Must Have An Ecommerce Website Where Customers Can Simply Click On The Buy Now Button


Building eCommerce Websites

eCommerce Websites That Rank And Sell

Streamshare build Ecommerce websites that are responsive for small to medium businesses.

Because of our background in project management and business consulting we understand how to set up a sales funnel that will easily and quickly take your potential buyer from landing on your website to pressing the “Buy Now” button and giving you their Credit Card details. 

A badly structured website that confuses the buyer will have them leaving in droves. One of the key secrets is to not overwhelm your buyer with asking for information you don’t actually need.  Every piece of information you ask for has the chance to lose that buyer.  If you don’t need this piece of information before you get their order and process their credit card, don’t ask for it.  You can always get it later.

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Ecommerce Websites To Rank And To Sell

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The Best E-Commerce Website Design Strategies

Website Design Strategies

Website Design Marketing Strategies

The most successful companies use a professional e-commerce web design as a marketing tool. By providing a professional aesthetic site, the company avoids the uphill battle to gain customer trust, and increase conversion rates and sales. Below, are the best e-commerce website design strategies that are easy to implement on any budget.

Maintain Core Functionality

Instead of focusing on the latest gadgets and modules, consider the core functionality of the webpage. It should be easy to navigate, and flawless in its design. Most of these methods are easy to incorporate in website design. The core functions of any successful e-commerce website would likely include:

  • Informative, unique product descriptions
  • Quality product and item images
  • Strong website page search presence
  • Account registration/set up
  • Easy to navigate Shopping cart
  • Fast and Easy Checkout process

Once the website’s core functionality has been implemented in its overall design, consider adding features to enhance the site. These can include:

  • Reward systems
  • Gift registry
  • Social network integration
  • Product reviews, comments and feedback
  • Access to company-associated online blogs and forums

Design Using Complementary Colors

One of the easiest and fastest ways to turn off any existing potential customers is to develop a website with clashing colors. This type of website often screams “leave quickly” or “turn around” when the online visitor is bombarded with flash animation. Instead, consider concentrating on eye-pleasing designs that incorporate a lot of white space, easily recognised product images, and a call to action such as placing an order or obtaining other information. Soothing tones and complementary colors provide a more enjoyable experience, keeping the online visitor at the site for an extended time.

Understand Your Targeted Audience

Online Customers

Know Your Targeted Audience

Understanding exactly what targeted audience is visiting your webpages allows you to build a site specifically for them. This understanding is in knowing what types of products or services they want, or the information they desire. Design the site with favourite items positioned in obvious locations on the webpage. The online customer should be able to locate items they desire quickly, information on how to make contact, and easily navigate between pages.

Ensure Your Ecommerce Site Is Responsive

The majority of online visitors are now using their mobile devices to connect to webpages. It is imperative to have your website responsive so that it shows correctly and can be easily navigated.  People actually search and then purchase all sorts of products and services while they are away from their PC.  We no longer read books and newspapers while we commute to work.  Those train and bus rides are great for getting things done now that we all have internet access.

The best e-commerce website design strategies are those that consider every aspect of the online visitor in their ability to navigate the page, find the information they want and make the call to action regardless of what device they are searching on.


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